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Save time managing your Instagram accounts by scheduling, publishing and analyzing all your posts.
Maximize your marketing strategies by using pSocial to get real organic followers and likes.
Automatize all the activities (follow, unfollow, like, DM, comment, post) in one-click and keep growing!

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Why Is It Special

Why should you choose us rather than our competitors?

No Download

You don't need to install any software. You can access to the dashboard via PC or mobile thanks to a modern, easy-to-use and mobile responsive UI.

Full Control

We provide a full range of actions and settings included by default in each plan which are easily accessible from a single dashboard.

Easy to use

Don't bother with dozens of complicated settings, let us do the hard work. You simply need to choose the tasks' speed and target's criterion. We'll take care of the rest.

Awesome Features

Take a look at some of our exclusive features to grow your Instagram account.

  • Proxy Support

    The proxy keeps you anonymous so you don’t have to worry about getting banned. You can configure your own or alternatively use the private one included in our 'Business' and 'Enterprise' plans.

  • Schedule Post

    It allows you to schedule your posts at a future date to save time. You don’t even need to log-in and out of various social media platforms as you can conveniently manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single place.

  • Cloud Import

    You can import images from your Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts using pSocial. This way, you don’t need to log-in on every account. Just use pSocial and save time!

  • Several Speed Options

    pSocial comes with different speed options (From 'Very Slow' to 'Very Fast'). You can choose your own speed autonomously per each automating function and switch to a different one in any moment.

  • Auto Follow/Unfollow

    Follow and unfollow accounts thanks to a powerful targeting system (Hastags, Locations and People), several speed options, daily pause and activity Log!

  • Auto Direct Message

    Send automated direct message to your new followers! It helps you deliver the scripted message to a large number of followers at the same time across multiple accounts.

  • Auto Like and Comments

    You can easily post your comments automatically to interact with new users as well as like any post per hashtags, locations and people.

  • Auto Repost

    Unique feature to re-post random temporary posts. It will let you select random posts according to selected targets, re-post them and remove them after specified time passes.

All in 3 Easy Steps

It has never been easier and if you'll need any help we'll guide you step by step.



Easy to start! Register in less than two minutes and connect your Instagram account.

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Customize your activities, set up the targets, speed rate, exceptions and start the automation in one-click!

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Enjoy :)

That's all! Enjoy the results on your Instagram account by getting real organic engagement and convert your followers in real customers!

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The Ultimate Instagram Tool

pSocial will attract new followers to your Instagram account. This leads to thousands of new and real people following and interacting with your profile. It will automate liking, following and unfollowing just like a human so you won't need to spend hours on the application anymore.







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Auto Posting & Scheduling

There’s no need to spend all day uploading content on your Instagram account when you can use a tool that automatically posts your stories, photos, and videos on Instagram. That’s what you’ll get from pSocial.

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Here you can find the answers to the common questions. Do you need any other clarification? Contact us!

1. How does the system speed works?

pSocial comes with different speed options, and each option has the maximum actions it can perform daily. Below is rough a breakdown of how speed works:

  • Very Slow - 360 actions /day
  • Slow - 408 actions /day
  • Medium - 480 actions /day
  • Fast - 552 actions /day
  • Very Fast - 600 actions /day
  • Auto (From Very Slow to Very Fast)

2. I'm getting 'Re-login required!' error. How to fix it?

You need to use a private proxy to avoid this problem. Contact us to get further info about it.

3. Is my account at risk for using your tool?

Your account is not at risk if you follow the safety method we've laid out.

Do not use the 'Fast' or 'Very Fast' speed options if you're running multiple functions at the same time.

New users are suggested to start with the 'Very Slow' speed option for the first few days, you can increase this to 'Medium', then 'Fast' after some weeks.

6. Other questions?

Feel free to contact us via email or live chat

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